Benjamin Kerstein is an Israeli-American writer and editor. Born in Boston, he made aliyah to Israel in 2002 and holds degrees in Jewish history from Ben-Gurion University and Tel Aviv University.

He worked as an assistant editor for Azure, a contributing writer for The New Ledger, associate editor of The Tower, and is currently the Israel correspondent and bi-weekly columnist for the Algemeiner. 

Benjamin is the author of numerous essays and articles for publications such as the Times of Israel, the Jerusalem Post, YNet, the Federalist, Haaretz, Mosaic, Tablet, Quillette, and others.

Michael J. Totten, the prize-winning author of The Road to Fatima Gate, has called him “one of the finest American-Israeli authors of his generation.” Jay Nordlinger of National Review has referred to his work as “some of the most intelligent, clearest, most honest writing I have read in a long time.”

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